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Advertising Opportunities

If you’re interested in advertising on, we have several opportunities available. We sell advertising space ourselves, so please review the opportunities below and contact us for a placement. Placements are subject to availability and pricing will change from time to time.

Please contact us at and we’ll work on getting you the best deal possible.

Feature Promotions

If you have something you’d like to feature or have a fashion line that needs to be introduced to consumers, we are happy to discuss a strategy. We’ll custom tailor a campaign to introduce your product through our website, blog, and in social media. We’ll ensure that your product is in front of our entire audience and find ways to create buzz around it.

Sample/Product Reviews

If you have a product that our staff will love and want to send samples for us to review, we offer free promotion for products. Simply send us some samples and if our writers love it, we’ll definitely share it. If you’re interested in this, please email us at or send your samples to:
12025 New Dominion Parkway
Suite 510
Reston, VA 20190

Banner Placements

Our banner placements are spread throughout the site and must be scheduled directly. Our banner advertising schedule is subject to availability and we offer exclusive placements for advertisers that join. We currently offer two sizes for you to choose from:

300 x 250 – $200/week

This is an exclusive placement that is found on the upper right hand side of our blog. Only one advertiser is given this placement at a time. We offer discounts for multiple weekly placements. Please email us if you’re interested in this exclusive placement.

125 x 125 – $50/week

We offer six placements that are found on the right rail of our pages. We offer discounts for multiple weekly placements. We also offer a monthly and yearly rate for these placements. Please email us if you’re interested in these placements.

Email Sponsorship

Our subscriber base grows daily and our subscribers open our emails. We send a daily email to our subscribers with the latest deals on our site. Our sponsorship opportunity allows advertisers to get premium placements as a sponsor of our daily emails. Rates will vary based on our growing subscriber base. Please contact us for more information and availability.